Spy - mascot

Born: ???
Killed: 8/17/96
Place: ???
Hair: black and white
Eyes: black
Scooter: '67 Fuji Rabbit
Favorite Ska band: who do you think?

Spy is not only the Grown-Ups' mascot and Chief Detective, he's also a genuine enigma. No one knows for sure where he came from, but he has always been the driving force behind the band. When times were tough, the Grown-Ups could always count on Spy to pull them through. On August 17th, 1996 in Houston, TX, Spy was shot in the back by an unknown assassin and pronounced 'dead on the scene'. Or was that just what we were supposed to believe?

Words of Wisdom: "Love your friends 'cuz no one wants to die alone."

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