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MP3s from the final unreleased Grown-Ups recording:
"If You Have Sonic Sound But No Lights Your Batteries Are in Backwards"
Recorded live at 70Hurtz studio in Argyle, TX 1996

1. Sawdust Caesars 3:26 3.3MB
2. Cloak and Dagger 4:20 4.1MB
3. OKC Bomb 4:4 4.5MB
4. Bernard Grimes 2:47 2.7MB
5. Bajaj in the Garage 3:00 2.9MB
6. Bomb Squad UXB 4:23 4.2MB
7. I Spy Something Blue 4:16 4.0MB
8. Live Wire 3:59 3.8MB
9. Mocha Mulatto 5:19 5.1MB
10. FistCity 4:00 3.8MB
11. Mad Villain 4:49 4.6MB
12. Wake Up 3:18 3.1MB

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